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Used Trucks Sicklerville

Buying a truck is a good idea both for your business and your personal needs. This is because trucks are well-rounded. Unlike other vehicle types that are mostly limited to recreational use, trucks can be used both for recreation and for work-related hauling and towing. You may not afford new trucks, but you will sure afford the used trucks in Sicklerville at Turnersville Kia. We at Turnersville Kia are renowned for our cheap used trucks. Many people in Sicklerville have benefitted from these used trucks.

One Owner Trucks

We at Turnersville Kia offer one owner trucks, i.e. trucks that have only had one owner. These trucks are largely late model and low mileage trucks that have experienced minimal wear and tear. Therefore, these trucks look like new; they have no scratches or dents, and their paintwork still looks fresh. Therefore, with a one owner truck, people will think that you bought a new truck. In addition, the internal components of these trucks are also in excellent condition, so you are unlikely to experience any mechanical problems with our one owner trucks for quite a while. Therefore, our one owner trucks are an excellent alternative to new trucks.

Trucks of Varying Sizes and Configurations

In addition, our trucks are available in different sizes and configurations. They come primarily in compact, midsize, and full-size sizes. In addition, all these trucks are available in regular cab, extended cab, and crew cab body styles. Therefore, you can get a truck that is perfectly suited to what you want it to do. For example, if you want a truck that you can use to get around and to do some domestic hauling, a compact pickup truck will suffice. Such a truck will give you better ride quality and adequate capability to do all the work that you will need to do on a domestic level. If you want a truck that can do fleet work for your business, you will do great with a regular cab full-size pickup truck that has the longest available cargo bed. In addition, you can also get chassis cab trucks that come without cargo beds. With such trucks, you can upfit customized truck bodies that are ideal for your business.

Our Off-road Trucks

In addition, we at Turnersville Kia also have trucks that have primed for off-road driving. Our off-road trucks have been customized with heavy-duty suspension systems that can soak up the shakes and vibrations that come with off-road terrains. Some of these trucks have even been fitted with suspension lift kits that greatly increased their ground clearances, and with large off-road wheels and tires that make them look quite menacing. In addition, our off-road trucks also feature advanced 4WD drivetrains that give them superior traction on dirt trails and muddy paths, so you will never get stuck with these trucks.

More Power

Another thing that you will enjoy with our used trucks in Sicklerville is more power. Our trucks feature large, powerful engines that are either turbocharged or naturally aspirated. These trucks deliver huge bursts of power when you step on the gas, so you will find yourself passing many other vehicles on the highway. The larger the trucks, the more powerful their engines are. Some of our full-size pickup trucks feature engines with capacities of over 6 liters and with outputs of over 300 horsepower. 

You can see all our used trucks here on our website. You can also come to Turnersville Kia at 2900 Route 42 Sicklerville, NJ 08081 to test drive these trucks.

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