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Trucks in Sicklerville

Turnersville Kia is the best place to go for trucks in Sicklerville. This is because Turnersville Kia has been selling trucks for a long time and is renowned in the Sicklerville area for its high quality trucks. Therefore, you are more assured of getting a truck that you can count on at Turnersville Kia.

Hauling and Towing

Our trucks are ready for all the hauling and towing tasks that you may have. They feature large cargo beds of varying sizes depending on their capability classes. For example, you can get midsize trucks with 6-foot long cargo beds that can handle payloads of up to 1,000 pounds and that can tow up to 6,000 pounds. You can also get full-size light duty trucks with cargo beds of up to 8-feet-long; these trucks can carry up to 1,500 pounds and tow up to 10,000 pounds. You can also get heavy-duty full-size trucks that also feature cargo beds of up to 8 feet long; these trucks can haul over 5,000 pounds and tow even over 20,000 pounds when properly equipped. Therefore, there is an ideal truck for your intended purpose here at Turnersville Kia.

Trucks In Great Condition

We at Turnersville Kia know that vehicle owners treat their vehicles differently. There are those that maintain them well, but there are those that are very rough with their vehicles. For this reason, we at Turnersville Kia only source our trucks from reputable sources that maintain their trucks well, e.g. vehicle manufacturers and other established vehicle dealerships. In addition, we at Turnersville Kia also task our certified auto technicians to inspect all our trucks and to perform all the necessary repairs. Our auto technicians are experienced in repairing trucks, so you are assured of the fact that they will address all the issues in these trucks that will need to be addressed. We at Turnersville Kia are so confident about the quality of our trucks that we offer a guarantee – if any customer buys a truck from us and experiences any problems with it within a specified period, we allow that customer to return that truck and take another similar truck.

Trucks For Adventure

In addition, our trucks in Sicklerville are also great for off-road driving. It is good to have a vehicle that can take you anywhere. Most other types of vehicles perform well on pavement but not on off-road tracks, and this limits the places that people can go. However, with our high quality trucks, you will never be limited. Our trucks feature body-on-frame constructions that effortlessly soak up the shakes that come with off-road driving and just keep going. They also feature 4WD drivetrains that can get through the stickiest and roughest driving situations. These trucks also feature high ground clearances, big all-terrain tires, and impressive approach and departure angles, so they can climb over any obstacle on the road.

You Will Have A Lot of Fun With Our Powerful Trucks

In addition, you will also have a lot of fun with our trucks. They feature modern steering and suspension systems that deliver responsive handling. In addition, truck engines are more powerful than those of most other vehicles, so you will easily outpace most other vehicles on the road with these trucks.

Come to Turnersville Kia today at 2900 Route 42 Sicklerville, NJ 08081 to see all our trucks.

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