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One Owner Vehicles Sicklerville

If you are looking to buy a used car, come to Turnersville Kia. We at Turnersville Kia have one of the largest selections of used cars in the Sicklerville area, so you are assured of more choice at our dealership. One of the most important factors to consider when buying a used car is the number of owners that it has had. The driving habits of vehicle owners greatly vary; there are those that take good care of their cars, but there are also those that will bang up their cars without caring. The fewer owners a car has had, the better its condition.  For your benefit, we at Turnersville Kia are offering one owner vehicles in Sicklerville. They are our best used-car offerings; you will never go wrong with them.

Lower Mileage

One of the advantages that you get with the one owner vehicles at Turnersville Kia is low mileage. Low mileage means that the vehicles have minimal “wear and tear”. Therefore, this assures you of minor damages (if any) to the exteriors and the interiors of these vehicles. In addition, lower mileage also means that the engines, transmissions, cooling systems and fuel systems of these vehicles have not been spent or used that much. Therefore, with one owner vehicles, you are assured of optimum power output and fuel economy.

High Safety Standards

Another benefit that you will get with one-owner vehicles is advanced safety. Our one owner vehicles are late models, so they feature the latest safety features and systems on the market. For example, our one owner vehicles feature front and rear crumple zones that collapse upon impact, dissipating crash energy evenly over the front or rear of the vehicle. In addition, these vehicles also feature several airbags that include full-length side curtain airbags that protect passengers in all the rows from harm. These vehicles also feature standard stability-control systems that will ensure that you do not lose control on slippery roads. Some additional advanced safety features that you can find in these one owner vehicles include driver assistance technologies like forward collision warning systems, lane departure warning systems, and blind spot monitoring systems.

Lower Rate of Depreciation

When you opt for a one owner vehicle, you escape the significant depreciation that new vehicles experience. New vehicles depreciate by as much as 11% the moment they are driven off the lot, and by as much as 25% after just one year of ownership. However, this rapid depreciation reduces and normalizes after the first year. One owner vehicles tend to be over one year old, so your one owner vehicle will depreciate at a much lower rate.

Higher Resale Value

In addition, you are also assured of a high resale value with one owner vehicles. This is because most people know that the fewer the list of owners, the better the condition of the vehicle. Therefore, they will be willing to pay more to get your one owner vehicle, even if it will have more mileage that those of the other vehicles on the market.

Complete Service History Reports

In addition, it will not be difficult to get complete service history reports with our one owner vehicles. This is because you will only have to track those reports from just one owner.

You can see the one owner vehicles that we currently have here in our inventory. You can call Turnersville Kia at 856-437-4594 to schedule a test drive in any of them.

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