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Luxury Used Trucks Sicklerville

Initially, trucks were designed primarily for work. However, in recent times, truck manufacturers have found a way to add a variety of luxury features to trucks without compromising their capability. The resultant luxury trucks offer the best of both worlds. That combination of immense truck power and deluxe features will make you feel on top of the world. We at Turnersville Kia have the best luxury used trucks in Sicklerville. They are not as costly as new luxury trucks, so you are likely to be able to afford them.

Innovative Technology

One thing that you will be sure to like about our luxury used trucks is their tech features. For example, our used luxury trucks feature advanced infotainment systems that come with huge touch-screen displays mounted on their center consoles. These infotainment systems are unique to each brand, e.g. Ford luxury trucks feature ‘SYNC® MyFord Touch’ systems, GM's luxury trucks like the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks feature ‘MyLink’ systems, while Ram luxury trucks feature ‘Uconnect’ systems. These infotainment systems provide the ability to make hands free calls, to provide a Wi-Fi internet connection, to use smartphone apps, and to even buy movie tickets or book restaurant reservations. In addition to infotainment systems, our used luxury trucks also offer state-of-the-art multi-speaker sound systems, some of which even feature amplifiers and sub-woofers. These audio systems deliver crisp, clear sound. You certainly will not get bored in these trucks.

Premium Convenience Features

Another thing that you will enjoy in these trucks is premium convenience features. These include heated and cooled front seats, automatic climate control, cruise control, a sunroof/moonroof, backup sensors and a reversing camera, a power-adjustable driver seat with memory settings, lumbar support and much more. With these features, you will not want to exit your truck in a hurry.

Our Super-comfortable Trucks

Most of our luxury used trucks in Sicklerville are available in crew cab body styles, so they can accommodate up to six adults passengers. These trucks are incredibly roomy in both rows; their cabins are actually roomier than those of most large SUVs. Therefore, you will travel in great comfort in these trucks. In addition, our luxury trucks also feature specially designed suspension systems that absorb the roughness of the road while still being able to take on heavy loads. Therefore, you will also enjoy smooth, compliant rides in these trucks.

Hauling And Towing

In addition, our used luxury trucks also feature large cargo beds that are coated with bedliners. Therefore, their cargo beds will not dent, rust or corrode even when they will carry sharp objects. In addition, most of our luxury trucks also feature cargo beds that have tonneau covers. Thanks to these covers, your goods will be protected from the elements. In addition, a good number of our used luxury trucks also come equipped with trailering hitches that easy to use. The trucks with the hitches also feature 7-pin harnesses that can be hooked up to trailers to provide power if needed.

You can see all our used luxury trucks here on our website. We at Turnersville Kia keep updating our website every day, so the listings that you will see there will be available at our dealership. You can also come directly to Turnersville Kia 2900 Route 42 Sicklerville, NJ 08081. Our friendly staffs will be eager to assist you.

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