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Kia Sedona Vineland

If you are into minivans, you should try the Kia Sedona in Vineland at Turnersville Kia. The Kia Sedona is better priced than most of its competitors yet it offers just as much or even more value than them in terms of standard and available features. The Kia Sedona is also a very durable and reliable minivan; the fact that you can find Kia Sedona minivans that are up to 10 years old on the road affirms this. The Kia Sedona is also powerful, refined and technologically advanced. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with a Kia Sedona.

The Roomy, Family Friendly Kia Sedona

The Kia Sedona minivan can carry up to eight passengers and it also offers a very roomy interior with adult-friendly interior space in all three rows. Therefore, it is the perfect vehicle for the family. You can go on family trips and outings in the Sedona and ride in it for hours on end without getting fatigued. It is also great for people that have an active lifestyle i.e. people that do things like camping, excursions, and outdoor vacations. This is because the Sedona offers plenty of cargo room for camping supplies, luggage and everything else that you would want to carry.  

King of Versatility

The latest models of the Kia Sedona in Vineland feature an available innovative Slide-N-Stow® seating system that helps to create more room for cargo. When activated, it folds up the 2nd row seats and slides them forward and then stows the 3rd-row seats under the floor of the minivan. This innovative system avails a total cargo capacity of 142 cubic feet. The 2ndrow seats can also be removed from the minivan when you need extra room to cargo. In addition, the Kia Sedona can be had with either three 2nd-row seats or with two 2nd-row captain’s chairs with armrests. These 2nd-row seats can be separately slid forward or slid apart to allow easy access to the 3rd-row seats. The middle seat in the 2nd row can also be folded down; when this is done, it reveals two cup holders for the other 2ndrow passengers. In addition, the latest Kia Sedona also features available power-sliding anti-pinch doors with built-in sensors that can sense when there is an object in the way, so your kids’ hands or fingers will be preserved in this minivan.

Prioritized Safety

Being a vehicle that is designed for the family, the Kia Sedona at Turnersville Kia also offers superior levels of safety. It offers airbag protection for the front passengers and for the outboard passengers in the 2nd and 3rd rows thanks to its standard dual front thorax airbags, its dual front seat mounted airbags, and its full-length side curtain airbags. This minivan also comes equipped with a rollover mitigation system that senses an impending rollover and deploys seat-belt pretensioners, the side airbags, and the side curtain airbags to shield the outboard-seated passengers in all rows. The Kia Sedona also benefits from a body structure that has front and rear crumple zones. These crumple zones are designed to absorb and dissipate crash energy when there is a collision, which protects the passengers from getting severe injuries.

To get a feel of the Kia Sedona, visit Turnersville Kia at 2900 Route 42 Sicklerville, NJ 08081. We allow test drives in this minivan. We at Turnersville Kia have the largest collection of Kia Sedona minivans in the Vineland area, so you should not hesitate to come to us.

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