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Kia K900 Cherry Hill

Are you planning to buy a luxury car that offers unmatched flexibility and performance? If so, then explore Turnersville KIA’s amazing inventory or purchase the new KIA K900 in Cherry Hill.

If you are looking for a luxury vehicle that goes the extra mile in offering unique exterior and interior features, then there is no better option than the Kia K900 in Cherry Hill. The vehicle is a luxurious combination of dynamic performance and innovative design, featuring premium materials to provide you with unmatchable comfort and luxury and numerous advanced technologies to offer you a smarter and more convenient and efficient way to drive.

Best part of all: if you purchase the Kia K900 from Turnersville KIA, you get to step into the world of amazing specials, deals, and discounts. For beginners, you get to enjoy a no-charge scheduled maintenance and 5-year/100,000km warranty, alongside roadside assistance programs. For buyers who lack the appropriate finances, the Kia K900 can be purchased on leasing terms that are incredibly cost-efficient and extend to as long as 3 or 4 years. 

However, the question is: Why should you purchase the Kia K900 in Cherry Hill? What is so special about the vehicle and how is it different from other luxury vehicles? Well, the K900 in almost all aspects proves to be the perfect luxury vehicle. It is not as expensive as its competition from other renowned brands, but it still manages to introduce quite the amazing features that are bound to turn heads. The tasteful use of chrome accents, the extended wheelbase, and the sweeping lines, all make the vehicle gorgeous.

Beautiful 19-inch chrome alloy wheels, along with advanced lighting technology (illuminates the area below side mirrors and doors upon detecting your Smart Key approaching to welcome you) immediately bring the K900 into the prestigious world of luxury. However, more than the exterior, the interior of the Kia K900 in Cherry Hill proves to be exceptional – where everything fits perfectly. In fact, the moment you enter the vehicle, you can notice numerous lavish details, materials, finishes, and features.

The car is lavishly furnished with materials like elegant wood-grain trims and available Nappa Leather for seating. This not only enhances the overall cabin look, but also promotes better comfort and luxury in the vehicle. Add this to the amazing features like available panoramic sunroof (enjoy the weather and fresh air), tri-zone climate control (passengers can seat different temperatures), and multi-directional drive seat (adjustable and come equipped with memory functions), and the car becomes a complete luxury package.

In terms of performance, the Kia K900 in Cherry Hill is available with two engines: 3.8 Liter and 5.0-Liter variants. If you are looking to experience maximum horsepower and torque, you can go for the V8 variant that delivers 420 horsepower @ 6,400 rpm and 376 lb-ft of torque @ 5,000 rpm. On the other hand, if you want a car that delivers more fuel-efficiency, go for the 3.8-Liter V-6 Model that generates 311 horsepower @ 6,000 rpm and 293 lb-ft of torque @ 5,000 rpm.

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If you do not have enough finances to purchase the Kia K900 in Cherry Hill, you can consider trading-in or selling you current vehicle. You can also obtain financing in the form of sub-prime loans or 0% APR loans with low monthly payments. For more information about the vehicle, feel free to contact us at [856-202-3585], or fill out your contact information in the form here.

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