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Kia Cadenza Sicklerville

The Kia Cadenza in Sicklerville

You are thinking that it may be time to buy a new vhielce but you don’t know what vehicle to buy and you don’t know where you want to buy the vehicle from. You want to get a vehicle that is going to be good for you and your family, but also a vehicle that will work great for you when you are out on the road for work. You need a vehicle that is going to be a step above the rest, and you need a vehicle like the 2016 Cadenza.

This wonderful vehicle from Kia is a vehicle that is truly amazing. It is one of the best cars on the market and it has a lot going for it. If you want to get the Kia Cadenza in Sicklerville, then the place you need to go is Turnersville Kia. We are the best dealership in the area for many reasons. First, we have the largest selection of vehicles you will find anywhere. That means you will find the right 2016 Cadenza in Sicklerville for you, because we have many options to choose from. Second, we have the best lease deals of any dealership in the area. When you are paying out money for your car, you will pay out less with us initially and each month after your purchase as well. Lastly, we have expert staff who know the Kia brand very well and will be able to help you get the right vehicle by answering all your questions about the Cadenza and the Kia brand itself.

If you want to get the Kia Cadenza in Sicklerville, well you have chosen to get one of the best cars that Kia makes, and that makes it one of the best cars made in the world.

First, you get 18-19 inch alloy wheels depending on the model you take, as well as many safety features, heated steering wheels, HID headlights and much more.

Those are all great, but this vehicle also packs 293 horsepower under the hood so you are going to roar down the highway and you are going to feel great behind the wheel of this vehicle. In addition, you also have excellent mileage with the Cadenza. On the highway, it gets 28 miles per gallon, and in the city it gets 19 miles per gallon. That gives you 22 miles per gallon overall. That is pretty good for the vehicle you are getting and once again you are saving money with your purchase.

What about safety? That is the main thing with any vehicle and the Kia Cadenza in Sicklerville has you covered. You will enjoy lane-departure warning systems, eight air bags and more. It received extremely high ratings from the federal government, as well as Good ratings from the IIHS. It was awarded the Top Safety Pick award as a result.

If you want a great vehicle, get the Kia Cadenza in Sicklerville. If you want it from a great dealership, go to Turnersville Kia.

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