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Kia Cadenza in Mt. Laurel

The Kia Cadenza in Mt. Laurel is one of the brands most famous mid-size sedans available that offers exceptional capability and technology. Visit Turnersville KIA to purchase the car today at a good price.

The Kia Cadenza (also popularly known as the Kia K7) is a mid-size sedan vehicle that is renowned for its advanced safety features and technology. Therefore, if you are a budget and safety-conscious buyer, the Kia Cadenza in Mt. Laurel might be the perfect option. The mid-size sedan is equipped with a range of advanced active safety technologies that work in conjunction to give drivers and passengers a proactive and equal layer of defense in circumstances a collision or accidents.

The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system controls the brakes and engine of the car while driving to help keep you protected and on course during emergency maneuvers. It also offers tremendous amount of peace of mind to drivers by enabling improved directional stability. This helps you maintain the car’s intended direction of travel, while a Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) system adds steering direction control. This system intervenes whenever appropriate to help drivers regain control of their vehicle.

Impressive radar technology has also been installed in the Kia Cadenza in Mt. Laurel, which help you stay on course while driving and prevent you from being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Drivers who crave extra safety and protection can install the available Blind Spot Detection System that monitors lanes while driving, hence enabling the Cadenza to detect approaching materials and vehicles. If a potential collision is detected, a visual alert in the side view mirror will inform drivers to move away.

An available Lane Departure Warning System will also immediately give you warning signals in circumstances where you drift out of your lane, without using the turn signal. Subsequently, there is no doubt; the Kia Cadenza will provide you maximum safety when driving. However, despite some advanced technologies, some collisions could possibly be unavoidable. This is why Kia has altered the body structure of the Cadenza.

The body of the sedan is now reinforced with extensive amounts of high-strength steel that absorbs impacts and protects the driver and passengers inside. For further protection, the Kia Cadenza is equipped with eight advanced safety airbags, which include full-length side-curtain, dual front, and front and rear seat-mounted side air bags. Apart from offering exceptional safety, the mid-size sedan also offers an advanced powertrain that delivers dynamic performance and outstanding dependability.

The Kia Cadenza in Mt. Laurel is powered by a lightweight, fuel-efficient, and dependable V6 engine that generates an impressive 293 horsepower. Controlling this power is an upgraded six-speed transmission from Sportmatic that enables you to choose between clutch-free manual shifting with steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters and a simple automatic mode.

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