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Cheap AWD Vehicles Sicklerville

New AWD vehicles are pricey. This has discouraged many people from buying them. However, you should know that you can get cheap AWD vehicles in Sicklerville at Turnersville Kia. The cheap AWD vehicles at Turnersville Kia are strong and, capable and reliable. Our ASE-certified auto technicians have made sure of that.

Made For Adventure

When most people think of going off-road, they think of large 4WD trucks and SUVs. However, it is not only 4WD vehicles that can conquer rugged terrain! AWD vehicles can also take you to the most remote places off the pavement thanks to their all-wheel-drive drivetrains. In AWD vehicles, power is distributed to all the wheels. Many all-wheel-drive vehicles feature three differentials. Power from the engine is sent to the center differential through the transmission. The vehicle’s computer then redirects power in varying proportions to the front and the rear differentials that then send the power to each wheel. Thanks to the ability of AWD vehicles to vary the amount of power that goes to each axle, they can be easily driven on low-traction road surfaces or dirt trails. The computers in these AWD vehicles send more power to the axle that has better road grip at any given time, and this enables these vehicles to drive over sticky or slippery patches on pavement or on dirt tracks.

Better Acceleration

Another advantage that comes with being propelled by all the wheels is better acceleration. AWD vehicles offer smoother, quicker acceleration because the traction needs of the vehicle when accelerating are simultaneously distributed to all four wheels. In 2WD vehicles, the burden of propelling the vehicle forward rests on two wheels, hence they accelerate slower. Therefore, if rapidly accelerating to top speeds is your thing, you will be more fulfilled by our AWD vehicles.

More Confident Towing

In addition, if you need to tow trailers from time to time, you should consider getting cheap AWD vehicles in Sicklerville. The enhanced traction of these vehicles will enable them to tow confidently, even when climbing steep inclines. In addition, AWD vehicles also do well when towing on slippery or low-traction roads. Their all-wheel-drive systems eliminate wheel slippage, and this will help them not to get stuck when towing on muddy trails or wet/icy roads.

Better Handling

In addition, you will also enjoy better handling with our AWD vehicles. Their improved road grip will make it easy to make ambitious maneuvers and to corner at high speeds. The most rewarding driving experiences are offered by AWD vehicles that come with torque vectoring. Torque vectoring is when a differential varies the amount of torque that goes to each wheel; the vehicle’s computer regulates the quantity of torque that is distributed. For example, more torque can be sent to the front outer wheel when an AWD vehicle is cornering. This will improve stability and control when cornering; it will also enable the vehicle to accelerate through the corner without losing control.

Some of the AWD vehicles that we have include Kia Sportage AWD SUVs and Kia Sorento AWD SUVs. The Kia Sportage AWD is an exceptional compact crossover SUV that is sporty, roomy and versatile. It also offers a refined interior and a feisty yet fuel efficient engine. The Kia Sorento AWD is an outstanding midsize SUV that can carry up to seven passengers, so you should consider it if you have a large family. The Sorento AWD also features a V6 gasoline engine that assures you of potent bursts of power when gunned. We also have many other AWD vehicles of other makes and models on offer. Browse through our inventory to see our current listings.

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