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Certified Pre-Owned Kias Sicklerville

Kia vehicles have come a long way in the last decade. They are stylish, technologically advanced, fun-to-drive, and well equipped. They are also durable and reliable. Therefore, they are a worthwhile investment. We at Turnersville Kia have all the Kia vehicles that you could want. We are licensed Kia dealership that has been in operation for many years. If you are looking to get the best value buy still save some money, we recommend that you try our certified pre-owned Kias in Sicklerville.

Escape Depreciation With Our Certified Pre-owned Kias

One advantage that certified pre-owned Kias offer over new Kias is lower depreciation. New vehicles are known to depreciate in value by as much as 11% the moment they are driven off the lot of a car dealership, and by as much as 25% after just one year of ownership. After that, the rate of depreciation reduces and evens out. Therefore, if you would buy certified pre-owned Kias that are more than a year old, you would escape this significant depreciation in value.

Certified Pre-Owned Kias look just good as New Kias

Another reason why you should get our certified pre-owned Kias is because they look like new yet they are cheaper than new Kias. Our certified pre-owned Kias are all less than five years old, and have mostly had just one owner; they also feature low mileages of less than 60,000 miles. Therefore, they do not have much wear and tear. Their exteriors still look great, without any dents, and their interiors are also in near mint condition. Therefore, it will be hard for your friends and colleagues to tell the difference; they will probably think that you bought a new car.

Great Vehicle Quality

In addition, you are also assured of high vehicle quality with the certified pre-owned Kias in Sicklerville. Our certified pre-owned Kias undergo an exhaustive process of refurbishment in the hands of Kia-trained, certified auto engineers and technicians. They are first thoroughly inspected to establish the parts that are defective, and then they are serviced and repaired comprehensively. Every component of these vehicles is attended to in this refurbishment process. Therefore, any certified pre-owned Kia that you will get at Turnersville Kia will be in its best possible condition.


Yet another advantage that you will get with our certified pre-owned Kias is warranty coverage. The warranty will enable you to enjoy the vehicle and use it without reservation without worrying about damage or maintenance costs. While the extended warranty is in effect, maintenance costs are covered by the manufacturer – Kia USA. This includes scheduled maintenance services and any malfunctions that may develop without warning. Therefore, the warranty will save you a lot of money. Another thing that comes with this warranty is 24-hour roadside assistance. You will be able to get help wherever you will be if something will go wrong with the car e.g. in case of an accident or if you run out of gas. Thanks to this assurance, you can confidently travel to distant destinations knowing that you will get help if you will need it.

You can see our certified pre-owned Kias here on our website. You can browse through our listings and request information on any of the cars listed. You can reach us at 856-437-4594.

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