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Certified Pre-Owned Cars Sicklerville

Why buy new cars when you can buy certified pre-owned cars? New cars are great to have if you have the means to get them, but you should know that certified pre-owned cars in Sicklerville are also a worthwhile alternative. In the current times when everyone wants to stretch every dollar as far as it can go, it is wise to consider the more affordable option. Certified pre-owned cars are much more affordable than new cars yet they offer almost similar quality, so opting for them will definitely be more cost effective for you. You can get the best certified-pre-owned cars at Turnersville Kia. Turnersville Kia is renowned in the entire Sicklerville area for its exceptional certified pre-owned cars.

The Superior Quality of Certified Pre-owned Cars

Certified pre-owned cars are not like regular pre-owned cars. For a car to be approved to enter a certified per-owned program, it must be less than five years and have a mileage of less than 60,000 miles. In addition, the car also has to have a clean history i.e. it cannot have been involved in any accidents or have had any major mechanical issues. The car must also have complete service history reports showing that it received all the necessary maintenance services when it was supposed to. The cars that fit these requirements are taken through an exhaustive process of refurbishment that transforms almost every part of these cars. This refurbishment is done by the maker of the car, e.g. our Kia cars are refurbished by Kia USA. Auto engineers and designers from Kia get to work on our Kia cars and restore them to their best possible condition. The process starts with a 150-200 inspection of all the components of the car; after that all the noted problems are repaired and all the components that are worn out are replaced. Therefore, it is safe to say that the cars that come through this process are closely comparable with new cars. They are restored according to manufacturer specifications, and they get part replacements that are all original. Even with this assurance of quality, certified pre-owned cars are still considerably cheaper than their new counterparts, so you would do better to get our certified pre-owned cars.

Additional Benefits That You Get With Our Certified Pre-owned Cars

In addition, our certified pre-owned cars in Sicklerville also come with extended warranties that offer several advantages, one of them being the fact that you will not incur auto service costs for the car while the warranty is still in effect. The automaker will bear the costs of scheduled maintenance services for the entire duration of the warranty. Another advantage is that you are entitled to 24-hour roadside assistance for as long as the warranty is in effect. Therefore, if the car will run out of gas or if it will get involved in an accident at some distant location, assistance will be sent your way immediately we are alerted of it. Yet another advantage that you will get with our certified pre-owned cars is low interest financing. If you will apply for an auto loan for a certified pre-owned car, you will get lower financing rates like those offered on new cars. Therefore, acquiring a certified pre-owned car through auto financing will be easy.

If you wish to find out more about our certified pre-owned cars, come to Turnersville Kia at 2900 Route 42 Sicklerville, NJ 08081. You can also call us at 856-437-4594.

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