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AWD SUVs in Sewell

Are you planning to purchase an AWD vehicle in Sewell? Visit Turnersville KIA right away! As a reliable dealer in New Jersey, we offer a huge, yet reasonably priced inventory of AWD SUVs in Sewell.

Every buyer has different needs when it comes to selecting a car. While some may be looking for a compact vehicle that offers great fuel-economy, others may want something that offers good performance on the off-roads. So, what exactly are you looking for? If the answer is: a strong and reliable vehicle that offers great traction, towing capacity, and horsepower to handle off-road driving, then there is no better option that buying an AWD SUV in Sewell.

All-Wheel-Drive vehicles are the new 'in' thing, ruling the automobile marketplace. Although the drivetrain isn't used by trucks any longer. Audi and Subaru have offered this option in their crossovers and SUVs for years. As a result, their success has led plenty of other automakers into the market, resulting in an explosion of consumer options. And without doubt, AWD proves to be one of the most sophisticated drivelines available today.

AWD SUVs in Sewell can typically be described as 'Full-Time Four-Wheel-Drive' vehicles. Cars operating on this drivetrain have all four of their wheels rotating all at once. On the other hand, 4WD or Four-wheel-drive operates 'part-time'. This means, it is just a mode that you switch to. In simpler words, the car is only powering two wheels until you decide to shift to four-wheel. Nevertheless, AWD systems offer vastly improved capabilities for slippery, wet, snow-filled roads.

Are you planning to buy a vehicle that boasts an AWD system? If so, then don't hesitate on visiting Turnersville KIA. As a reliable dealer in New Jersey, we boast a huge inventory of the best AWD SUVs that offer top performance, fuel-efficiency, and technology. Best part of all: all these AWD models are offered in reasonable-prices. You can explore our certified pre-owned list to find a completely renovated model for your favorite AWD SUV.

However, if you are planning to buy new, you can easily go for the 2016 Kia Sorento 3.3-Liter SXL, 2016 Sorento 3.3-Liter LX, 2016 Kia Sportage LX/Models. You can even buy the Mazda CX-5 Touring, Ford Edge SEL, and a range of other famous AWD vehicles, depending on your needs and budgetary requirements. The best thing about these AWD SUVs is that they give you some of the benefits of both FWD and RWD, while minimizing the weaker points of either layout.

Offering excellent traction both in poor weather and dry pavement, you can feel safe travelling in the harshest of conditions. Doing an impressive job of balancing driving/handling dynamics, these reliable and powerful AWD SUVs in Sewell offer the 'go anywhere at any time' capability. So, if you want to leverage these benefits and buy a SUV with an AWD drivetrain, don't hesitate on visiting Turnersville KIA. Our dealership is located at 4428 US-130, Burlington, NJ 08016. You can even give us a call at 609-250-2166 to set up a test drive appointment.

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