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2016 Soul in Mt. Laurel

Looking for a subcompact vehicle that offers unmatched reliability and durability? Explore Turnersville KIA’s amazing inventory or purchase the brand new 2016 Soul.

Manufactured and marketed by KIA, the all-new 2016 Soul in Mt. Laurel is one of the most popular front-wheel-drive concept and front-engine subcompacts of the brand. Currently in its 2nd generation, the subcompact vehicle proves to be top pick for eco-friendly and budget-conscious buyers, offering beyond exceptional performance and fuel-efficiency. You can easily purchase this car from Turnersville KIA to avail amazing specials and discounts, along with outstanding leasing and loan deals.

So, why should you purchase the 2016 Soul in Mt. Laurel? In simple words, the car proves to be a total hit from all aspects. In terms of interior styling, there are some many features, accessories and amenities installed, which makes many people wonder: how can one package this much utility and space in such a small footprint? This task is only possible for the Kia brand. With years of experience, Kia produces the most efficient vehicles – minus the high costs.

New features inside the vehicle include updated sound system 6 Speakers with Dash-Mounted Tweeters that are elevated atop side vents on the dash. Center-stack climate, audio, and infotainment controls have also been added that are all canted slightly toward the driver, soft-touch materials from elbow level on up throughout most of the dash area, and a chunky steering wheel, and a gauge cluster that makes the 2016 Soul in Mt. Laurel feel more premium and luxurious while cruising down the streets or speeding on the highway/freeway.

The Kia Soul has also been completely redesigned from its exterior, featuring one of the best subcompact designs in the market today. New features like high-gloss black bumpers, a signature and updated grille, and machined-finish 18-inch alloy wheels have been added for a sporty appearance. New side-view mirrors that fold/unfold automatically with the touch of a button have also been installed for extra visibility when pulling out/in from narrow parking spaces.

One of the biggest draws of the 2016 Soul in Mt. Laurel is that there is no limit to the ways you can express your personality. The brand has given owners the opportunity to select from three different design models: base, urban, sport. The base model features standard features mentioned above. The Urban design has a more “urbanish” type of look and comes equipped with a new rear spoiler, high-gloss black fender flares, and side skirts.

The Sport design vehicle utilizes has a complete redesigned exterior with better overall proportions, more aerodynamic cues, and sharper edges. A unique two-tone paint has also been added with front and side color-accented body kit and rear spoiler. Recently, the subcompact also won the “the Highest Ranked Compact Multi-Purpose Vehicle in Initial Quality in the U.S” award from J.D. Power. This award is clear proof of the cars durability and reliability.

It shows that the Soul is one of those very rare vehicles that have the least amount of owner reported problems in the first 90 days of new-vehicle ownership. So, if you want to purchase the 2016 Kia Soul, feel free to visit our dealership or contact us today at [856-202-3585) for a chat with our customer representatives. You can also schedule an appointment to take the subcompact out for a test drive.

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