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2016 Optima in Mt. Laurel

The 2016 Optima in Mt. Laurel is a beautifully designed and manufactured mid-size sedan by Kia that fuses advanced technology with excellent performance. Purchase the car from Turnersville KIA today.

Are you planning to buy a brand-new, used, certified pre-owned or first-owner mid-size vehicle? If so, then Turnersville KIA might just be able to help you out. You can explore our huge inventory of mid-size sedans or you can purchase the 2016 Optima in Mt. Laurel. The vehicle is bolder than ever before and features exhilarating styling cues both: inside and out. The sedan has curves in all the right places and all of its cues prove to be precisely calculated and aerodynamically implemented.

Therefore, there is no doubt the Optima’s exterior in a masterpiece in both function and form. The mid-size sedan also features plenty new changes to the exterior as compared to previous models and counterparts. Kia has added a new Optima signature “Tiger” nose grill that delivers an eye-catching and pulse-racing appearance to the front. Sleek new headlights have also been installed, although you do have the option between choosing Dynamic Bending Light (DBL) and High-Intensity Discharge (HID).

However, if you think that is all, you are mistaken. The true thrill of driving the Optima begins the moment you slide behind the wheel. Where the exterior delivers exuberance in its styling, the interior of the brand-new 2016 Optima in Mt. Laurel speaks volumes in luxury and comfort. The moment you enter the vehicle, you discover a more spacious and quieter cabin that is locked and loaded with the latest available technologies and amenities. You can customize your car anyway you deem fit.

Regardless of which new features you add though, the interior still has plenty of amazing amenities. The driver’s command center has been updated and features a horizontal and cleaner design as compared to its predecessors, hence creating a greater sense of space and streamlining ergonomics. The interior also proves to be incredibly spacious and modern via premium stitching on the seats, soft-touch materials, and bold accents.

Sound-absorbing windows, re-contoured mirrors, improved body stiffness, and enhanced cabin-sound insulation also join forces to create a better, quieter, and more comfortable ride. You can further nestle into the superior comfort of the 2016 Optima in Mt. Laurel with ventilated and heated seats featuring supportive seat bolsters and available cushion softness for varying firmness levels according to your comfort needs. 6-way power-adjustable drive seat has also been installed.

Crafted by YES Essentials™, the Kia Optima’s interior seating sloth also has the ability of repelling static, stains, and odors with its advanced repel-and-release technology that makes cleanups a breeze and reduces drying time. For further convenience, Kia has equipped the optima with two available 2.1 USB chargers. This makes it easier for you to charge your phone while driving, ensuring you never have to suffer with a low battery.

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