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2016 Forte in Mt. Laurel

The 2016 Forte in Mt. Laurel is a renowned compact vehicle that delivers exceptional luxury and technology for its small size. You can purchase the vehicle from Turnersville KIA today.

The 2016 Kia Forte is a compact car that made its entry into the market in 2008. It is famed for its performance, durability, and reliability, also delivering exceptional safety and protection for its small size. In fact, the car delivers more than you would normally expect from a compact sedan. Stretch out in a modern and spacious cabin and interior, it offers seating around 4 to 5 passengers, while still providing enough space for storing important items for long trips or cross-country travelling.

Those who love technology, specifically advanced safety technology, love the car. Kia has made sure to equip the 2016 Forte in Mt. Laurel with plenty of safety features, which include Dual Front Advanced Airbags (which monitors impact’s severity and controls inflation of airbags to help reduce injuries caused to the driver and front passenger) and 4-Wheel Disc Brakes w/ ABS (electronic sensors at each wheel promote safer braking and prevent the car from skidding).

The 2016 Forte in Mt. Laurel also comes equipped with Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) system (which enhances steering control capability and further stabilizes the vehicle while driving), Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system (which offers an enhanced level of peace of mind by boosting overall directional stability via reducing engine power and braking individual tires according to driving conditions), and Traction Control System (TCS) that improves overall traction in wet road surfaces.

However, safety is not the only thing the 2016 Forte in Mt. Laurel is popular for. One of the best things about the compact car is that you have the ability of customizing it to your needs. With available features like automatic dual-zone climate control, a powered sunroof, and power adjustable driver’s seat, you can tailor the luxury and comfort of your Forte’s interior to whatever you needs may be. For a compact car, the car also enables you to leverage a roomy interior.

This can be owed to its long wheelbase and 60/40 split folding rear seats that enhance the compact cars 421-litre trunk space to provide appropriate storage space for cargo and other essentials. If you are the adventure kind, then you also have the ability of installing an available sunroof system. You can choose between a range of settings with its sliding and power tilt mechanics.

In terms of styling, the Forte no longer has a boxy type of appearance and features plenty of sharper and aerodynamic styling cues. For achieving a sporty style, the Forte combines wide stance with a coupe-like roofline, while featuring new front/rear bumpers, side skirts, headlights, taillights, and aluminum wheels. You can even add advanced lighting systems to add more luxury to the vehicle. This system typically illuminates the ground beneath the side mirrors and doors upon detecting your Smart Key.

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