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2016 Cadenza Sicklerville

Find the 2016 Kia Cadenza

There are many great vehicles that you can get from Kia. The Kia company is one of the best companies out there for cars, and the cars they make are some of the best cars in the entire world. When you buy a Kia car, you know you are getting one of the best cars on the market today. This is important because a car is a large purchase, and you don’t want to just throw your money away.

When you come to Turnersville Kia, you are going to be shown a lot of different cars, but one car we would really love to show you is the 2016 Kia Cadenza. This is a fantastic car that can do so much for you as a driver.

First, you can choose between the low-end to the high-end models, with the base model enjoying a touchscreen navigation system, voice recognition software, a great sound system and 18-inch wheels. The Premium model goes a step above, with a sunroof and extra safety features. If you go for the high-end model, you will get HID headlights, 19-inch alloy wheels, more safety features, a heated steering wheel and so much more.

No matter what model of vehicle you take, you are getting some of the best options at your disposal in terms of safety, fuel efficiency and much more. First, you get an excellent 3.3-litre, V6 engine that packs 293 horsepower under the hood. That is a lot of power to get you where you want to go. From there, you enjoy 19 miles per gallon of fuel efficiency in the city, 28 miles per gallon on the highway and 22 miles per gallon overall.

When the safety of a car is your biggest concern. Then you are in safe hands with the 2016 Cadenza in Sicklerville. This is because the vehicle has been designed to be extremely safe. From the stability control, to the water-repellant glass, to the lane departure warning system. These safety features are incredibly important and incredibly efficient. This includes the eight air bags that are in the vehicle to protect everyone inside. Another great feature is the fact that the vehicle has received very high ratings from the federal government, as well as from the IIHS, who awarded it Good across the board and gave it the Top Safety Pick, one of the highest awards that can come from the organization.

When you come to Turnersville Kia, you are going to tell them you want the best 2016 Cadenza in Sicklerville. The 2016 Cadenza is truly an amazing vehicle, and it is a vehicle that can go farther for you, do more for you, and help you have a safe journey when you are out on the road. Having a car like the 2016 Cadenza is a truly beautiful thing, and you will be very happy that you are driving this vehicle around the city. People will look and see the great luxury that you are enjoying.

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