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2016 Cadenza in Mt. Laurel

The 2016 Cadenza in Mt. Laurel delivers an eye-catching statement by fusing exceptional technology, luxury, and performance into one mid-size car package. Purchase the car from Turnersville KIA today.

Are you planning to purchase a brand-new car, but are lacking the appropriate finances? If so, then visit Turnersville KIA today. We have a huge inventory of reasonably priced automobiles that are bound to astound you. Since we are determined on providing high-quality car selling services, we also offer plenty of amazing specials and discounts, along with exceptional leasing and loan deals. This enables budget-conscious buyers and people who lack the sufficient finances to finally purchase a car.

Best part of all: if you are looking for a mid-size sedan, then you are in for a treat. Turnersville KIA is now offering the brand-new 2016 Cadenza in Mt. Laurel, which proves to be one of the best mid-size vehicles on the road – delivering exceptional durability, responsiveness, intuitiveness, and performance. The mid-size sedan is a portmanteau between sportiness and functionality, and successfully manages to strike the perfect balance in delivering stylishness along with luxury.

Driving the vehicle gives a sense of powerful presence and is bound to turn heads as you cruise down the streets. The exterior of the mid-size sedan is beyond amazing and KIA has made sure to equip the 2016 Cadenza in Mt. Laurel with plenty of new styling upgrades. New LED lights have been installed for added visibility during nighttime driving, dual-integrated exhaust pipes for boosting overall appearance, and power folding mirrors for added convenience while driving.

For those who crave extra, available High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlights can also be purchased. These headlights typically feature a new and unique “Dynamic Bending Light” technology that automatically adjusts the lighting according to the body pitch, steering angle, and speed while driving, hence thoughtfully providing visibility where you need it the most (reducing the chances of accidents occurring).

In terms of interior styling, the 2016 Cadenza in Mt. Laurel does not fail to impress either. Kia has made sure the Cadenza has a spacious interior that is tastefully appointed with unique features and amenities. From available Nappa Leather Seat Trim to heated steering wheel, everything in the interior speaks volumes of luxury and comfort. Innovations in cabin and high-quality engineering have also significantly helped in reducing vibration and road noise.

For those who crave adventure and enjoy breathing in natural sceneries, buyers can even install an available Panoramic Sunroof. This adds an open-air and roomier feeling to the cabin, while enabling passengers and drivers to enjoy some fresh air. When you have had enough of the sun, the power-adjustable shade feature can be used to block 100% of the light. The car also manages to do well in terms of safety features and comes equipped with advanced equipment, which include Electronic Stability Control, Vehicle Stability Management, ABS braking, and Cruise Control.

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So, if you want to purchase the 2016 Kia Cadenza in Mt. Laurel and avail special offers, discounts, and deals, feel free to visit our dealership at 2900 Route 42 Sicklerville, NJ 08081. If you cannot make it to our shop, you can always contact us at [856-202-3585], or fill out the form here and we will have a friendly customer representative contact you.

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